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About Tariqa

Brief Description of the Tariqa

Abululaiya Siddiqia or Abululayiah Siddiqiah (Arabic: أبوالعلائية صديقية , Urdu: ابوالعلائیہ صدیقیہ ) is a sufi order (tariqa) within the mystic Sufi tradition of Islam. It draws its name from its founder Sayyedul Aarefeen Hadi-E-ILallah Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiqh (Radhiallahu ‘anhu) also referred to as ‘A’ala Huzur’ by adherents of the order. This tariqa is a branch of Abululaiya Mun’emia sufi order of the Indian sub-continent.

Abululayia Siddiqia is known for its emphasis on love, tolerance and liberalism.


The great Saint Saiyidul Arifeen Haadiye Ilallah Ala Huzur Shyakh Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq Qaderee Chistee Firdousee Abul Uayee (1868-1942 CE) was the founder-Shyakh and noble architect of Abululaiya Siddiqia tariqa. He was also the 40th direct descendant of the Holy Prophet of Islam (ﷺ) through his grandson Imam Hussein.

As per the instruction of His noble Shaykh, Qudwat Al-Salekeen Fakhrul-Aawwaleen Wa Akhireen Sayyed Shah Tajuddin Shakir Mun’eme Abululayee, Shyakh Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq migrated from Sheikhpura district, Munger division, Bihar state, India to the then East Bengal (present day Bangladesh) in 1919 C.E and engaged Himself in preaching Islam and Sufism in the region. Since then in the following two decades His holiness untiringly put all efforts to spread the tariqa even up to the remote corners of the greater districts of Dhaka, Comilla, Sylhet, Pabna and Mymensing. His extra-superior spiritual attainments, supported with invincible zeal, perseverance, diligence, tolerance and dedication enabled His Holiness to embrace thousands of people under the umbrella of the Silsila and to reform them as devoted to the norms ideologies and principles of the order.

After A’ala Huzur breathed his last in 1942 C.E, His only son and Mahboob-e-Aulia Qutub-e-Rabbani Maula Huzur Shyakh Sayyed Shah Mohammad Farouq Qadree Abululayee succeeded as the head of the order. For the following four decades His Holiness Maula Huzur, in the midst of manifold odds and obstacle, successfully spread the mission of the tariqa to people of all classes of the entire cross section of the society and thus established the silsila on firm foundation.

After Maula Huzur Sayyid Shah Mohammad Farouq, His second son, the noble hearted Sufi, Sayyidul Abedin Murshid-e-Iilallah A’aqa Huzur Hazrat Sayyed Shah Murtaza Hussein Abululayee Qaderi Chistee Firdousee succeeded as the head of Abululayia Siddiqia order. Despite His Holiness was a noble lover of human being and was kind hearted to his disciples, He was a man of strong principles. His Holiness used to give top priority to the restoration of all formal norms, principles and dogma of Islam and Sufism. Immediately after A’aka Huzur’s succession as Shaykh al-Tariqa (head of the order) He declared that A’ala Huzur Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq (his grandfather and grand Shyakh) spiritually instructed Him to rename His Khanqah and his Sufi order as Abululayia Siddiqia Khanqa Sahrif and Abululayia Siddiqia Tariqa. Since then the order, headed by A’aka Huzur has been identified as ‘Abululayia Siddiqia Tariqa’ and the centers as ‘Abululayia Siddiqia Khanqah’. It is to be noted that from the time of A’aka Huzur till to date the present Abululaiya Siddiqia Tariqa and Khanqah have been progressing with its own exclusive identity in respect of both order and institutional features.

During the time of A’ala Huzur Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq the khanqah was known as Bargah-e- Shakeria (ref: Aadab Al- Murideen). The name was derived from the holy name of A’ala Huzur’s Sufi master Shah Tajjud Din Shakir. After Maula Huzur, His tariqa was divided into two parts: one headed by his eldest son Sayyed Shah Muhammad Usman Gani and the other headed by his second son Sayyed Shah Murtaza Husein (A’aka Huzur) who, virtually, succeeded the very Khanqah of Maula Huzur.

After the holy visaal of A’aqa Huzur Pak in 2007 CE, His only son Saiyadee Huzur Paak Saiyadina Usama Shah Qaderi Abululayee succeeds the order as the Sajjadanasheen. Golden touch of spiritual excellence, supported with extra-ordinarily broad intellectual spectrum and vast scholarly knowledge, nourished in His Holiness, have already steered up the silsila towards a highly superior landmark at new horizon. By now the silsila has already spread in forty countries beyond Bangladesh.

Traditional Lineage of Abululayia Siddiqia:

Abululaiya Siddiqia bears the glamorous beauty of heritage of the lineage of the main stream of Abululaiya Mun’emia. Till date this tariqa is nourishing exactly the identical norms, values, principles and exercises as preached by Sultanul Waseleen Hazrat Makhdum Mun’em (Radhiallahu ‘anhu) (1185 HS/ 1772 AD). Mun’emia silsila is highly influenced by the silsila of Hazrat Saiyaduna Shah Ameer Abulula Ahraree Akbarabadee (Radhiallahu ‘anhu‎‎) (990 AH – 1061 AH).

Silsila of Shyakh Saiyaduna Shah Ameer Abulula Akbarabadee (Radhiallahu ‘anhu): The interested personnel and the followers of Tasawwuf do have solemn regards for Tajedar-e Aqleem-e-Mashayekh Sar Halqa-e Abul Ulaian Mahboob-e Jall-e ola Saiyaduna Shah Ameer Abulula Ahraree Akbarabadee (990 HS – 1061 HS) and recognize Him as one of the brightest stars in the world of Tasawwuf.

Mun’emia trend: Again, the Abululayia trend and the converged cult of Qaderia, Chistia and Firdousia silsilas got merged in the spiritual domain of great saint Sultanul Waseleen Shyakh Makhdum Mon’em of present day India and, thus, attained a marvelous school in Sufism. The confluence was named from then as Abululaiya Mun’emia Silsila. The extraordinary spiritual service of Saiyaduna Makhdum Mon’em enabled this sufi order to get expanded and flourish in different regions of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Bengal. In the soil of East Bengal (Present day Bangladesh) the Abululaiya Mun’emia order was strongly founded and fortified by His Holiness A’ala Huzur Saiyaduna Shah Siddiq.

Guiding Principles, Teachings and Practices of Tariqa Abululaiya Siddiqia:

The Tariqa has been maintaining identical philosophical ideologies, principles, doctrines, teachings and practices of Tasawwuf as nourished in and guided by Sultanul Waseleen Shah Makhdum Mun’em. Abululaiyan spiritual thoughts values and methodologies (a well reformed style of Chistia and Naqshbandia trends in combination) do strongly control this concerned Mun’emia Siddiqia order. Spiritual values of Firdousia Tariqa (of Imam-e-Tariqat Shyakh Saiyaduna Sharfuddin Ahmed Yahia Maneri of Bihar Sharif, Bihar, India) do also contribute greatly to Abululaiya Siddiqia Silsila. However, the formal practices in the Silsila are more dominated by the Qaderi Style.

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