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The great Saint Saiyidul Arifeen Haadiye Ilallah Ala Huzur Shyakh Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq Qaderee Chistee Firdousee Abul Uayee (1868-1942 CE) was the founder-Shyakh and noble architect of Abululaiya Siddiqia tariqa. He was also the 40th direct descendant of the Holy Prophet of Islam (ﷺ) through his grandson Imam Hussein.

As per the instruction of His noble Shaykh, Qudwat Al-Salekeen Fakhrul-Aawwaleen Wa Akhireen Sayyed Shah Tajuddin Shakir Mun’eme Abululayee, Shyakh Sayyed Shah Muhammad Siddiq migrated from Sheikhpura